Simple things most people will want in 10 years

  • Physical health and functionality
  • Money
  • Food, Clothing, Shelter
  • Intelligence

Regardless of passion or goals, if we universally want these things as humans we should be optimizing for it in the background. Note that you have a degree of control over these items.

So the only thing that matters is improvement in your craft to get these things handled as fast as possible and trying not to become boring along the way.

Positive vibes brothas and sistas

Steve Jobs is one of the richest men in the graveyard.

No point in making $2 Billion dollars if you cannot get out of bed.

If you die, that’s $2 Billion dollars of fun you left behind.

If your health suffers too much, it is hard to recover.

That’s why its important to exercise everyday and eat right… because you want mental clarity and an able body.

Not to mention, be more attractive.

I drink a greens mix everyday and get some cardio in. (Also weights 3 days a week)

None of the crypto gains will matter if you don’t have your health. It is a mistake to ignore.

Easier to maintain your health if you make it a primary focus.

Stay strong.

All the best!

In one of Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Shareholder Meetings, Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger were asked ‘What is your desire in life now?’.

Warren now in his late 80s and Charlie now in his mid-90s, both stated something along the lines of ‘I want to live a couple more years’.



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